A stream of conciousness

collective unconciousness

I am new to this blogging lark…I have previously posted in poetry forums and received some great feedback on my poetry, which is great and an ego boost but these forums are quite limiting and little narrow.

I fancied blogging in a wider sense and to try and gain interaction with a wider audience but so far due to my complete ineptitude I’m finding it  difficult.

I originally became aware of Word Press through following this blog


A blog which if you are not following if you are in any way interested in prophesy you should.

Eric Leigh Pink is an excellent seer and the aim of his blog highly commendable.

I am floundering a little on how to make the best of my blog and how to find the blogs that will tickle my pickle.

A little feedback would be helpful to let me know I’m not merely blabbing into the ether unheard.

I find  that blogging and probably the Internet in the wider sense  is a little like Jung’s Collective Unconscious in that it provides an intangible  boundless ‘place’ where the musings, ideas and opinions can be accessed of whosoever wishes to put  them out ‘there ‘ ‘here’ wherever this is.

It can be both a beautiful and terrible beast!

A stream of conciousness

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