Belief and the nature of thought.

Belief has existed from the beginning of time.
Ancient man, scared of the complexity of existence looked at the world:a world in it’s infancy and wondered where it came from.
As civilization dawned…so did culture and man formulated theories as to the nature of existence and how best to conduct it.
All belief systems are based on the thoughts of one mind, one mind that for one reason and another was deemed wiser than that of the masses, for whom the absence of any belief system were doomed to wander aimlessly through those bittersweet experiences that constitute life.
All beliefs systems stem from thought made concrete by speech and these souls that needed structure would cling to them, finding great solace in this structure they craved so.
These thought based belief systems evolutionised into religions, with deities who were said to have created this existence from thought alone, who had rituals and rules to adhere to: bliss for these infant souls who were seeking rhyme and reason, for those who feared the finality of death and at a loss for a purpose.
So thoughts became beliefs systems and belief systems became organised religion.From mere thought was borne actions committed in the name of belief and consequently these thoughts were attributed to Gods.
The first beautiful art and architecture found its muse in belief, before this buildings were rudimentary erections with nothing but practicality in mind, as in shelter and protection.
Ancient civilizations erected monoliths purely based on beliefs so in essence was again thought manifested, much like the way the first thought created existence, this is the part of us that is much like Gods.Writing also evolved mainly to take note of beliefs to pass these onto future generations and immortalize thought.
so again beliefs from time immemorial been given much credence, for the mind is where reality stems from or at least the individuals perception of it.
Over the many eons of time that have passed these deities have had many names,faces and requirements but all have one truth there is a divine force who’s original thought was the springboard for all existence but it is the thoughts of others that required structure and ritual in the lives of its subjects…but immortality is the thought of the divine.
Belief in its purest form is innocence and many beliefs were borne in innocence but another gift we were bestowed is free will.Free will afforded us the opportunity to have free reign to interpret any given thought into any belief we wish.
Sadly the core belief system that stems from the souls knowing have been misinterpreted and many sin…(in the true sense of sin) have been committed in the name of Gods when in truth they are committed truly in beliefs name.
As is the universe’s way there are opposing facets to belief systems for what is good can also be bad,that which is borne in love and light has also an element of darkness and death…this is not belief but fact. Beliefs come to reflect all those souls who jump on a belief bandwagon and make what they wish of what in its beginning was nothing but a thought.
The birth of the Universe was nothing but thought of some divine source and once it was thought it came into existence, but the thinker has no control of how it is interpreted and what may be committed in its name.Thoughts are living things and once thought exists independently; so every soul should try to purify the thought processes because the negativity that runs rampant has its origins in impure thought.Like attracts like and negativity will stick to those with negative thought like Velcro but also the same counts for positive thought.
Prayer is structured aimed thought as is the hex the other side of the coin and that said adjusting and keeping in check the thought processes could possibly  cure the ills of the world.
Belief and the nature of thought.

Lipstick gains and spiritual gains

After I am gone I want to speak still from beyond
My life ‘s last gossamer threads
artfully  woven into a beautiful tapestry for my children (and my children’s children)
 to finger with wonder.
The tears I cried shimmering dew on Anansie’s web
I will take from my eyes the boatman’s fare
The penny of my thoughts to find
To drop and ripple still in dark waters
In my wake I vow to leave
A thousand stories, yet a thousand more never told.
On my half full glass, a scarlet lipstick stain
As arcane as Tarot wisdom,
As priceless and enduring as Aztec gold.
Lipstick gains and spiritual gains

A stream of conciousness

collective unconciousness

I am new to this blogging lark…I have previously posted in poetry forums and received some great feedback on my poetry, which is great and an ego boost but these forums are quite limiting and little narrow.

I fancied blogging in a wider sense and to try and gain interaction with a wider audience but so far due to my complete ineptitude I’m finding it  difficult.

I originally became aware of Word Press through following this blog

A blog which if you are not following if you are in any way interested in prophesy you should.

Eric Leigh Pink is an excellent seer and the aim of his blog highly commendable.

I am floundering a little on how to make the best of my blog and how to find the blogs that will tickle my pickle.

A little feedback would be helpful to let me know I’m not merely blabbing into the ether unheard.

I find  that blogging and probably the Internet in the wider sense  is a little like Jung’s Collective Unconscious in that it provides an intangible  boundless ‘place’ where the musings, ideas and opinions can be accessed of whosoever wishes to put  them out ‘there ‘ ‘here’ wherever this is.

It can be both a beautiful and terrible beast!

A stream of conciousness